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COVID-19 vaccination requirement to study at the Shala

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on everyone in the world. In order to control the spread of COVID and to manage the pandemic, several rules, restrictions, lock-downs, curfews and guidelines have been imposed by the central and state governments in India from time to time. Several businesses, organisations and educational institutions including the Shala were shut for a long period of time due to strict government regulations.

Though, over time, some relaxations were given for their operations, they were to function under certain strict rules of social distancing, operating under reduced capacity, and many such COVID-specific safety and hygiene guidelines. The local and state governments have the power to enforce such rules as they deem right and necessary. Allowing only fully vaccinated persons in the premises of an organisation is a rule that is still in force.

SYC is a worldwide reputed institute for learning traditional ashtanga yoga that receives students from different parts of the world. We strictly adhere to the rules of the Karnataka Government which mandates that every student who is admitted at the Shala for learning must be double vaccinated against COVID-19. This rule is not arbitrarily imposed by the Shala.

While we respect individual choice regarding vaccination, we also respect and strictly abide by the government rules and regulations.

If and when the government removes the rule of allowing only fully vaccinated people inside the Shala, the Shala shall also remove it.