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Heidi Ruokoniemi

Heidi Ruokoniemi started practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 2004 in Finland. She has been a student of Sri Sharath Jois since 2009 and was authorised to teach the primary and intermediate series by him in 2012.

Heidi has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga since 2009 in Finland and Goa. In Goa she ran Ashtanga Yoga Goa for three years in 2015-2018 before starting to teach in Mysore and working for Sharath Jois in 2018. Heidi also teaches workshops and has over the years been invited to other parts of India, China, Russia and Europe.

Heidi has a Master’s degree in Education and a Bacherlor’s degree in Fine Arts. Before teaching yoga she was studying and working with Fine Arts for ten years both in Finland and in the Netherlands. Today she lives in Mysore with her husband. Heidi is a committed student of Ashtanga yoga and cherishes the practice she has learned from her teacher Guru Sharath Jois as a tool for bringing stability and peace of mind, and for knowing one’s true Self.

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