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Updated on 28th Apr 2022, 2:20 PM IST

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Sharath Guruji’s teaching season Jul-Sep 2022

COVID-19 related FAQ’s

General FAQ’s

Regarding Registration for Jul-Sep 2022 for Sharath Guruji’s classes

  1. I have sent my application, do I need to do anything more?
    Please request your SYC authorised/certified teacher to submit the student recommendation form for you. Share the name, email, passport or aadhaar card number you used for your application to the Shala with the teacher. Even those students who have studied at SYC before must get the recommendation and they must also mention the authorised/certified teachers with whom they have studied and the respective study periods clearly in the application
  2. I am an SYC authorised/certified teacher, do I need to ask my teacher to submit the online recommendation for me?
    The SYC authorised/certified teachers are exempted from recommendations.
  3. I am an SYC authorised/certified teacher, I have not received the email with the OTP and the link to the student recommendation form.
    As of 9th Apr 2022, 3PM IST, the OTP’s have been sent to all the SYC authorised/certified teachers listed on the website. Kindly check your inbox and spam folder, and lastly write to the Shala, we will check and revert back.

Regarding In-person Registration

  1. Documents to be carried when coming to the Shala for in-person registration.
    The list of documents is included in your confirmation email.


  1. I have tested positive for COVID-19, do you have any advice? When can I resume practising at the Shala?
    • Please isolate yourself and seek appropriate medical advice.
    • Notify us via email and stop coming to the Shala.
    • Please refer to Govt regulations and guidelines for COVID here
    • This may help if your symptoms are mild – Click here
    • You must isolate and quarantine for at least 7 days from first day of having tested positive.
    • After full recovery, please get retested on the 8th day and bring a printed copy of the RT-PCR report before coming to the Shala.
    • If you have missed the re-registration for Feb 2022, we will let you register anytime after your recovery.
  2. What are the Govt regulations for international travellers regarding COVID-19?
    Govt regulations keep changing frequently, so please keep yourself updated from reliable Govt sources and also your airlines.
    You may refer to this website regarding latest updates on Govt regulations, rules for international travellers.
  3. What are the guidelines advised by the Shala regarding COVID protocols, RT-PCR testing facilities, etc
    • Please wear a mask when coming to the Shala.
    • Students must email the Shala if they are not coming to the Shala for any reason. Especially if they are missing a class due to being sick. If the symptoms are like COVID, please notify the Shala and isolate yourself. Seek appropriate medical advice and treatment. Get Rapid-antigen test or RT-PCR done and notify the Shala of the same.
    • Given that awareness about COVID is widespread and all of us have first hand witnessed the impact of it globally, we expect the students to be vigilant and cautious.
    • The symptoms, side effects, precautionary measures, safety habits, etc have all been shared very regularly by respective government agencies, news and media channels also.
    • COVID test kits are available in local pharmacies or can be purchased online on e-commerce websites. If any student is feeling sick and especially feels that the symptoms are like COVID, we have already advised:

      Once at Mysuru, and during the course of your study period, in case you are having any COVID like symptoms, stop coming to the Shala and isolate yourself, seek appropriate medical advice and treatment and immediately notify the Shala of the same.

    • All international passengers must have been advised by the Govt of India to install an app called “Arogya Setu“, the same is advised by the Govt to all the Indian citizens.

    • On the app, one can find a lot of information, advice, guidelines, contact numbers, helpline number, hospital and testing centre addresses. Everything related to COVID. that one app should be enough for all your queries, furthermore if you search for “covid testing” on google maps, you will find nearby testing centres. Please ensure they are “ICMR” certified (Indian Council of Medical Research).

    • Regarding quarantine and guidelines if someone tests positive, you shall be able to get help from the Govt Helpline number on the app.

    • Also, if someone tests positive, we believe the Govt agencies will get in touch with the patient for contacts tracing and further advice. We expect the students to promptly notify the Shala too.

    • There is a lot of useful information on (Posters, guidelines, Govt regulations, etc.)

  4. I have a medical condition due to which I cannot be fully vaccinated, can I still apply?
    Sorry, only fully vaccinated students are accepted to study at the Shala. This is for everyone’s safety and also based on local government guidelines.

General FAQ

  1. I want to learn at Sharath Yoga Centre, Mysuru, what are the options and how to apply?
    At Sharath Yoga Centre, we offer two set of classes to learn traditional Ashtanga Yoga
    1. Taught by Paramaguru Sharath Jois. The teaching dates, eligibility criteria, registration process are here – Studying at Sharath Yoga Centre
    2. Taught by qualified and authorised teachers of SYC, but not by Sharath Guruji. These classes are open for students of all levels including absolute beginners. Registrations for the same are open now – Regular Classes
  2. Does SYC offer online classes?
    No, we only teach offline at Sharath Yoga Centre, Mysuru – Google map link.
  3. What are the next teaching dates for Sharath Guruji’s classes at SYC Mysuru?
    Sharath Guruji’s next teaching dates are declared, Read here
  4. I want to study Ashtanga Yoga with Sharath Guruji, how do I apply?
    Please refer to the website here for the application process, acceptance criteria and other details – Studying at Sharath Yoga Centre
    Registrations for Sharath Guruji’s the next teaching season at SYC, Mysuru are announced – Jul-Sep 2022
  5. How can I apply to study at SYC? I belong to one of the below categories of students:
    • Never practised any kind of Yoga
    • Have been practising other forms of yoga than Ashtanga for past few months or years
    • Have practised Ashtanga Yoga, but not with SYC authorised/certified teachers
    • Have practised Ashtanga Yoga with SYC authorised/certified teacher, but only online.
      You are only eligible to apply for the regular classes at SYC, Mysuru. These classes are taught by qualified and authorised teachers at SYC, but not by Sharath Guruji.
      Registrations for the same are open now – Regular Classes
  6. Does the Shala provide food and accommodation?
    No, the students have to arrange for it themselves.
  7. What are the etiquette and guidelines the students must follow when at SYC Mysuru?
    Please refer to the website here – General etiquette and guidelines