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Ashtanga Yoga classes for all levels

Sharath Yoga Centre is dedicated to promote the study and practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

During the time when Sharath Guruji is teaching at Mysuru (season time), we offer afternoon classes that are open for all levels of students. We also welcome the family members and partners of those who practice with Sharath Guruji to attend the afternoon classes during the season time. When Sharath Guruji is not teaching at Mysuru, these classes will be held in the mornings.

Teaching periods and class timings:

  • Registrations are closed at the moment due to COVID-19

Sundays, Full Moon and New moon days are holiday. Students may register for minimum two weeks and maximum of three months at a time.
Applicants must be at least 12 years old.

Online registration link will be provided “here” once the next teaching dates are announced.

When registering at in-person at the Shala, the students will be asked to fill a registration form and provide

  1. One passport size photograph
  2. One stamp size photograph
  3. A4 size copy of confirmation email from Shala
  4. Two A4 size copies of passport or aadhaar card(for Indians only)
  5. A4 size copy of visa page

While practicing at SYC, the students are not allowed to take any yoga related classes in any other institutes.
For further queries, write to –
These classes will be taught by qualified and authorised teachers at Sharath Yoga Centre.

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