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Ashtanga Yoga Classes for all levels

Enrol for minimum 2 weeks. These classes will be offered between 1st Dec 2021 to 28th Feb 2022 – Read More
Registrations are open.

Sharath Guruji will be teaching at Mysuru – Dec 2021 to Feb 2022

Updates to application process, online registration and new set of study period options for this teaching season – Read More

Registrations are closed.

List of authorised/certified students of Sharath Yoga Centre

We hope you and your family are well, both physically and otherwise. These remain very trying times, testing all of us and our living situations and home countries tremendously.

Link to the list of authorised and certified students

Kindly accept our apologies for any delay in our initial listing of the Sharath Yoga Centre authorised and certified students on our website. You can find the above link in the navigation menu also.

The Sharath Yoga Centre list includes:

  • Students authorised by Sharath Guruji in-person at the Sharath Yoga Centre, Mysuru.
  • Previously authorised students who have followed the instructions in the notice to old students of Sharath Guruji and have been approved under the same to move their listing to the Sharath Yoga Centre.
  • This Sharath Yoga Centre listing remains subject to all the terms and conditions of our website and your continued compliance with those terms as well as the terms of your authorisation.

If you believe that your name is missing from the list, kindly first check your email inbox or spam folder for any follow-up email from the Shala.

For updates or corrections to the list please reach out to the Shala with the subject line “Authorised students list” addressed to Please include:

  1. Your certificate registration number
  2. Copy of the certificate. (file up to 250kb)
  3. Your photo – follow guidelines as you would for applying for a passport or official purpose. (file up to 250kb)

Notice for all authorised or certified students

Notice for all authorised or certified students – Read More

Etiquette and guidelines

General etiquette and guidelines for all students – Read More

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Course

Two weeks course open for students of all levels – Read More
This course has ended (5th to 19th Sept 2019).