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Notice for all authorised or certified students

Notice for all authorised or certified students – Read More

Etiquette and guidelines

General etiquette and guidelines for all students – Read More

Class Timings for Sharath Guruji’s students

Check the class timings here – Read More

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Course

Two weeks course open for students of all levels – Read More
This course has ended (5th to 19th Sept 2019).

Ashtanga Yoga Classes for all levels

Enrol for minimum 2 weeks and maximum 2 months at a time – Read More
Registrations are open

Sharath Guruji will be teaching at Mysuru from Oct 2019 to Jan 2020

  • Students can register for either one or two months
  • All classes will be held at the Sharath Yoga Centre
  • Daily classes will start at 6 AM in the morning
  • Registration process and dates – Read More
  • Online application guide – Read More

Assist Sharath Guruji at the Shala

  • Only authorised/certified students of Sharath Guruji can apply after receiving final confirmation to study.
  • Registration dates for assistants – Read More

Scholarship Programme for Indian students only

Apply for Scholarship


Chanting class on alternate days of the week – Read more


Yoga Philosophy and Sanskrit classes – Read more