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This is a notice to all who have ever received Authorisations and/or Certifications to teach from AYRI, KPJAYI or SYC

May I first send my best wishes and greetings to each of you. I know that the delay in having an updated worldwide current teacher list on this website has caused disruptions for all. Our full attention is directed to have and maintain continuously a current and comprehensive list as soon as possible.

I also want to welcome each of you, if you choose, to the new Sharath Yoga Centre here in Mysuru. The Practice continues and evolves through time, especially as each generation participates in its long and continuing history. I hope to see you here in a future season.

Our goal is to first launch the completed Authorised/Certified students list as expeditiously as possible and that it be as inclusive as possible. Therefore, to facilitate this:

  • I request all those who have in the past received such certificates and authorisations (including in 2019 ), and want to be included in this listing, to email to with subject line ‘Authorisation/Certification data’. the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Email id
    3. Postal address
      1. Address Line 1
      2. Address Line 2
      3. City
      4. State
      5. Country
      6. Zip code
    4. Phone number
    5. Copy1 of your existing authorisation(s)/certification

So as to be included in the first listing, please provide this information by December 30, 2019.

  • We will then send to each person who responds, a form to fill out to facilitate¬† your listing on the new SYC Website as an authorised or certified teacher.
  • We will reissue for each person who so desires it and to each person who is to be listed on the SYC website a new authorisation/certificate from SYC and me (for those who do not yet have it), with no cost to you. The physical copy will be available at the SYC for you to receive (or have picked up).
  • The page listing the authorised/certified students will then be launched and updated periodically on the SYC website.

With all of my deepest regards,

Paramaguru Sharath Jois

1Either attach a clear photo with all the details being legible or a scanned copy of the certificate at minimum 300 dpi for good quality, and preferably reduce the file size to less than 300kb