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Moon days and Sundays are holidays

The Shala will be closed on moon days. Below are the moon days in 2024.

January July
Thursday, 11th Friday, 5th
Thursday, 25th Sunday, 21st
February August
Friday, 9th Sunday, 4th
Saturday, 24th Monday, 19th
March September
Sunday, 10th Monday, 2nd
Monday, 25th Wednesday, 18th
April October
Monday, 8th Wednesday, 2nd
Tuesday, 23rd Thursday, 17th
May November
Wednesday, 8th Friday, 1st
Thursday, 23rd Friday, 15th
June December
Thursday, 6th Sunday, 1st
Saturday, 22nd Sunday, 15th
Monday, 30th

Students please note:

Generally we have Primary Led class + conference on Saturdays and Primary + Intermediate Led class on Mondays.
Below are the changes during Sharath Guruji’s teaching season from Oct 2023 to Feb 2024 due to Moon days or photo sessions.

DateMoon Day
ConferencePhoto sessionLed Class
13 Oct, FriYesPrimary Series
14 Oct, SatNew moon
27 Oct, FriYesYes (Oct batch only)Primary Series
28 Oct, SatFull moon
13 Nov, MonNew moon
14 Nov, TueYesPrimary Series + Intermediate Series
25 Nov, SatNoYesPrimary Series
27 Nov, MonFull moon
28 Nov, TuePrimary Series + Intermediate Series
30 Dec, SatYesYes (Dec batch only)Primary Series
27 Jan, SatNoYesPrimary Series
23 Feb, FriNoYesPrimary Series
24 Feb, SatFull moon