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Etiquette and guidelines

Safety and security in the city

  • Mysuru is a small city that upholds traditional customs. Both men and women are requested to dress appropriately. Observe the local way of dressing which is often modest. You’re requested to dress accordingly and avoid revealing clothes.
  • Move around in groups in the city for safety reasons, especially when coming to the Shala in the early morning hours.
  • Your safety is your responsibility. To avoid being cheated, it’s better to avoid contact with absolute strangers. If you’re coming to the city or the Shala for the first time, it will help to get details of the reliable people/resources from students who are familiar with the city and the Shala.
  • Always carry a copy of your passport. Leave the original safe at your place of stay.
  • Carry only necessary cash with you, keep excess cash safe at your place of stay.
  • Share your local address and contact number with the Shala.
  • Be extra cautious while riding scooters and bikes here since you’re unfamiliar with the traffic situation in the city. Drive slow and safe. Always wear helmet and ensure the bike is in good condition before renting.
  • The Shala has issued ID cards to a few auto rickshaw drivers in Gokulam whose details are registered with the Shala. You’re requested to prioritise them while sharing an auto to commute to the Shala since they are reliable and have been serving Shala students for many years.
  • Use only the right hand to give or take money, food, etc. Left hand is considered in-auspicious.
  • Shala or the management is not responsible for what happens outside the Shala premises.

Emergency contacts

Call 100

Manipal Hospital Mysuru
Contact details

Apollo Hospitals
Contact details

Shala etiquette and instructions

  • The Shala is like a temple, your place of worship and learning. Modest dressing is a way of showing respect to the guru and the Shala. Wear something simple and comfortable to practice in, but also keep in mind that it should not distract others practising around you.
  • Avoid sacred religious symbols such as ॐ on your clothes or the mat
  • Avoid perfumes, deodorants and other cosmetics while practising since it can distract other students when practising.
  • Always carry the Shala ID card with you.
  • When practicing, keep the ID card tucked under your mat in the front with your name clearly visible.
  • Switch off the phone when entering the Shala.
  • Photos or videos are not allowed within the Shala.
  • Do not eat/drink within the Shala (practice area). Use the spaces designated for this purpose – Shanti Kutir and the canteen.
  • Come to the Shala only 45 mins before the time written on your Shala ID card and wait for your batch to be called inside.
  • Show respect by maintaining silence; avoid making loud sounds or running or disturbing other students. Spread your mat quietly.
  • Once inside the Shala, use the changing rooms to get ready for practice. Students will be called to take up spots when vacant spots are available.
  • Students are responsible for their belongings. Keep your phones, wallets and other things that are not necessary for the practice in the locker. Bring your own small lock daily for the same, also remove the lock when you finish the practice and go home.
  • For Mysore style class, practice in the area marked specifically for the purpose. For the led classes these markings do not apply.
  • For Intermediate led class, students practising full intermediate must place the mats in the front rows and those stopping midway must place the mats in the back rows.
  • Taller students are to practice at the back so Guruji can see each student from the front of the class.
  • Carry 1 rubber mat, 1 cotton mat/rug and one or two napkins/towels to wipe the sweat depending on how much you sweat. Do not use cheap quality mats that leave crumbs on the ground. Invest in a good quality mat.
  • Wipe the spot when you’ve finished your practice and leave it how you would like it to be for yourself.
  • Tie a towel or wear a t-shirt or extra top when being assisted in dropbacks for your safety as well as the safety of the teacher or the assistants helping you.
  • If you’re injured and don’t need assistance on a specific day, or if you are pregnant, use the appropriate placard that says so and place it in front of the mat. You can find the placards near the stage.
  • Parents or pregnant ladies who have PP written on their Shala card are given special privilege to come for practice at a convenient time; they may skip the normal queue and wait in a separate area for a spot to be free for practice.
  • Please sit properly in the conference, avoid pointing the feet towards the teacher or the alter.

Sadhana – focus on your personal practice at the Shala

  • When practicing at the Shala, you are not allowed to practice asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, etc with any other teachers or institutes.
  • Do not do any course or training in massage or panchakarma when studying at the Shala.

Basic temple etiquette

  • The Shala has received many complaints of students going against the temple etiquette while taking photographs. Temple is a place of worship. Avoid asana photography in temple premises.
  • Respect local customs and aesthetics while visiting temples. Dress accordingly. Avoid revealing clothes.
  • When walking within the temple, if you are doing a round around the deity, walk clockwise to do the parikrama with folded hands in reverence.