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Important information regarding this list

The information on this web site, including as to status and names of teachers, and authorisations and certifications, are statements of opinion or view as of the date first announced and not statements of fact or recommendations as to your particular teacher, situation or practice or what may or may not be appropriate for you. We assume no obligation to update any information following the first announcement, and you should not rely on this information in making practice decisions. We do not address the suitability of any teacher or practice or posture for a particular student. We can take no responsibility for the acts or omissions of any such teacher. We do not perform a review of teaching centres (shalas) or teachers or compliance with applicable laws or codes of conduct, and undertake no duty to do so. Opinions may be changed, suspended or withdrawn at any time. We assume no liability in respect of any of the foregoing. We operate solely from Mysuru, India.

If you believe that your name is missing from the list, kindly first check your email inbox or spam folder for any follow-up email from our Shala.

As an authorised/certified teacher, for updates or corrections to your information in this list, please fill this form – click here